Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What do Omani men wear under their dishdasha?

This gentleman's wizar is just poppin' out the bottom of his dishdasha
I was going to title this post "what is worn under the dishdasha" but was worried that might come across as a little perverted. Nonetheless, I will carry on, since this is one of those things people seem unsure if it is okay to ask about, but end up asking me anyways;). Alas, hesitancy to write a post ammounts to posting photos of men in their "underwear" although... since a lot of Omani men seem totally okay to go out and do physical labour type work in their wizaar's it must be okay. So the question aswered today is: "What do Omani men wear under their dishdashas?"
Well, they traditionally and most commonly wear a wrap around piece of cotton called a "wiz-zaare" similar to a Scottish kilt but traditionally a wee bit longer;) as Arab men don't like to show above their knees for modesty purposes (it's a Muslim thing). It is folded a way across, and then tucked out and out down (usually).

It is usually white, but can be plain cream, or black, with a little bit of striping woven on the edging. Beautiful (and quality) examples can be purchased at the Omani handicrafts store in the Opera Galleria. My husband says they are good quality and that's where he actually does buy his.

Men might pair this with white cotton tank tops ("wife-beaters') or cotton or jersey underwear t-shirts, although my husband says in the old days they just wore wizar.

I usually see men on farms cutting palm trees or fishermen wearing just wizar out and about, although if you are particularily close with an Omani family you may get used to the site of people walking around in wizars...

I always tell my husband when we go shopping for like, button-up men's shirts or t-shirts, that really, it doesn't matter how cool or well-dressed that would look with, like jeans, since I know he's gonna end up wearing it to be more comfortable around the home with a wizar.... yeah... it'll never be "goodlooking".

Wizar out and about is very common closer to Yemen, and I do see Dhofari guys commonly out in just wizar... and sometimes, they way they are sitting like in a majlis setting, I see, like, their balls by accident, so.... I wonder, like, what's the big deal about their sister covering her face or not right? But anyways...

I prefer the fisherman's wizar because it is usally dyed a darker colour, and checked, and thus, not see-through. Wizaar in white cotton + white dishdasha + car headlights at night = awkward memories.

Nowadays however, some dudes may have begun to wear boxers under their wizar, or have stopped wearing wizar and wear shorts under their dishdashas... I have seen that in Muscat anyways.

Do you guys have any funny "wizar" stories?;) I have a tonne.

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Jan Sochůrek said...

Hi! I couldn't find any pic of wizaar on internet, could you may be make some photos of it, and how to wear it? It would be best if you could provide me also with measurments of it and person wearing it. It's for my little project, i am kinda collecting every type of man skirt there is, and I would really apriciate your help! Thanks a lot either.