Sunday, November 1, 2015

Watching Saudi and Emirati English TV channels and the propaganda makes me wanna gag

No offense to  Emiriti or Saudi Soldiers, but I do not salute you, anymore than I would have American Soldiers during the Vietnam war against those "commies" or German Soldiers under Hitler. You aren't heroes, to anyone but maybe the other soldiers you fight beside. You aren't fighting for Yemenis, Democracy, Islamic ideals, or defending your own nation. Why salute war, chaos, and bedlam, in Yemen?

With no disrespect to soldiers of ANY kind dying or being injured or being stuck somewhere dangerous on orders of their country, being in Oman, and as an English-speaker, I watch some Emirati and Saudi English channels, like English MBC (Saudi) and Dubai 1 (Emirati) and propaganda to support their war effort at times makes me gag, laugh derisively, or get righteously angry. Propaganda so beautifully made but so utterly false makes me wonder if I watch it enough, will I too believe it? Hitler's minister of propaganda said so, that if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it.

But as a Muslim, I am tired of people repeating lies and expecting them to become the truth through repetition.

Bombing Yemen (Shiite militant government is the intended target at all times I suppose) and then calling the fallen soldiers "martyrs" is nationalistic lies {}. Muslims do not become martyrs for fighting other nations for nationalistic gain, economic gain, or for defending "democracy" (especially when Muslim countries like Saudi and the UAE are NOT DEMOCRACIES AND THROW THEIR OWN CITIZENS IN PRISON FOR PROTESTING FOR ASKING FOR DEMOCRACIES, or like, for the right of half the population to drive (WOMEN in KSA). Islamically, Muslims are not allowed to kill other Muslims and collateral damage is not okay in Islamic law, and saying that it is okay to KILL SHIITE is, I dunno, akin to being like ISIS, which UAE and Saudi claim to not allign themselves with.

To me, as a SUNNI MUSLIM living in Ibadhi-majority Oman, I am like, alhamdulilah Oman is not so hypocrotical as to claim to support a democracy of another nation, while suppressing its own nation's cries for a more powerful and freer democracy, at least. Alhamdulilah no one thinks fighting Shiites is a cause worthy to the attainment of "martyrdom" with civilian casualties being okay towards that, but having the hypocrisy to still state one is "against ISIS".

Whatever and what the hell to all that. No wonder non Muslims think we're all crazy weirdos with bombs strapped to ourselves... So you've got Al Q in one corner who started their acts of terrorism AGAINST KSA then moved to USA and Afghanistan, and got footing in Iraq with the fake-invented-war-against-weapons-of-mass-destruction/sowing democracy over there. Then you've got kill-all-shiite-and-probably-a-lot-of-muslims-who-won't-agree-with-your-twisted-sexist-murderous-version-of-sunni-islam ISIS in Syria and Iraq, that ALL GCC Muslim countries purport to hate. And then you've got KILL-SHIITE-SUPPORT-DEMOCRACY supposedly-anti-Isis-Gulf-states-except-Oman-and definately-anti-democracy-within-their-own-borders countries....

As a Muslim, this makes me think of a verse in the Qu'ran, where the angels (and especially the devil) relate that mankind is messed up, and will only cause bloodspill and destruction, and then God/Allah says that He knows what (the Angels) know not.

I wish I knew what that was sometimes. I'm glad for the sake of humanity Allah knows something we don't, because purely logically thinking about how the Muslim majorities are acting makes me wonder (especially towards ourselves, let's not even get into how we are treating non-Muslims who we are supposed to be inviting to Islam and treating with by way of example) if it would not be better to just wipe out the entire human race? Or never make us at all?

Martyrs are those who suffer purely for the sake of Allah. Not their nations, not a flag, not borders, not democracy, but the oneness of Allah.

If you say killing Shiite means that you are able to see into the heart of another, that they worship more than one figure in Allah in their intentions, then, you are guilty of making a diety/God of yourself, since reading peoples' hearts is only an ability that belongs to the Creator. Murdering any man, means you murder the life of mankind. Don't call that martyrly, bombing innocent civilians, or a shiite Muslim whose core heart intentions and beliefs you can't put on a trial that can be physically judged by mortal man.

A true martyr was  Sahabiyiat Sumayah, tortured to death, because she believed in Allah, and would not recant that. Or the Sahabiyiat Muslim soldiers who defended themselves from mortal injury and their right to be Muslim WHILE BEING ATTACKED and died in that state.

You make a mockery of Islam and martyrdom when you make it as easy to attain as dying for a border, flag, murdering someone (Sunni) accidently or someone Shia because you can't understand them, or an unislamic ideal that you have utterly no intention of constitutionalizing in your own realms or countries.

Really, makes me so mad having to sit through this garbage on TV or seeing it in the newspapers.


maersky said...

Fully agree with you princess

Anonymous said...

"You make a mockery of Islam and martyrdom when you make it as easy to attain as dying for a border, flag.."

Wow. Well said. It makes me a little sad, too. I heard a rumor there was only Arabs of Yemeni origin being sent to fight, but of course can't confirm. But in these societies, is it unlikely?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Maersky: Thanks.

Anonymous: Many Arabs are of Yemeni origin but that origin is so ancient I doubt Yemenis themselves care if it is someone genetically distantly related to them bombing them or fighting inside their country or not;). If your passport isn't Yemeni, or your were not a permanent resident in somewhere like Sanaa, Aden, etc, then I think you shouldn't be fighting there.

My husband is ethnically descended from Yemen. So are, even Baluchis, if one goes back in history... but again, I don't see how that would matter to a Yemeni... and Yemen is so genetically varied.. we have the Jewish tribes in Yemen, the two main Arab stocks that most other Arabs claim ancestry from (when the Yathrib dam burst etc.).

LOL, if some country is claiming "but we are only sending ethnic Yemeni descendents to fight in Yemen" that's another thing that smack rankly like Hitler's way of genetic purity of nations etc.... I dunno. That wouldn't be UAE I am sure, but KSA? I could see some idiot saying something LIKE that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Princess

Yes U A E can not fight their own battles so, they have to send(use)Yemeni origin guys to do their dirty job for them. I also gag when watching their channels and how they're using martyrdom to suit their own agendas. I like how brave you are thank you for this article you gave me the hope that there are still genuine, smart people who cares about Justice.

Best regards