Monday, November 30, 2015

Dreams for Plans, but alas, I married an Omani;)

There aren't too many places in the world that I'd want to live... I'd visit them, sure (and I have a long list for that) but Venice is one place I've always wanted to live... And yes, this post has nothing to do with Oman;) just some childish ramblings from myself. I always planned to take a year off and live in Venice. I found an apartment to rent once upon a time long ago, a small boat and outboard engine to buy, and I knew the cost.

I wanted to spend a quiet year there, writing, photographing the changing seasons, and maybe painting.

Now, married to an Omani, living and working in Oman with a house to pay for, and kids, I wonder if that will ever happen? My husband also has two wives, so it is hard to live out one's dreams, let alone, accounting for extra people's dreams. I mean my co-wife's dream is to study French in France and do her PHD in English in the U.K.... which was a lot of negotiating and thinking and planning for us all... the more people in a marriage the more work one's dreams are to fight for.

Education is an important goal for most Omanis. Being a crazy dreamer/Bedouin girl (or guy) is on the lowest end of the ladder of priorities for most Omanis I know (awesome Rumaitha Al Busaidi discluded from that, see her blog: Rummy's Scribblings ).
Still, I can't help pinning pictures of Venice (in seasons that wouldn't be conducive to vacations) on pinterest, and when I shop I can't help thinking, should I buy that? I'd wear it when I go to Venice!... silly me.

Basically I know for 300 rials I can buy tickets (+ return) for myself to Venice from Muscat...Or fly to Paris and take the train to Venice (how glam would that be) and I am sure my husband would go with me even though he finds the idea of Venice dull (having been to Amsterdam's little version of Venice). But that isn't the same as living in Venice and writing out the story I always meant "The Mask-Maker's Apprentice" set in Venice during the 12th century... Alas.

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