Monday, October 26, 2015

RAPE IN OMAN: Men Pretend to be ROP and Kidnap a Woman for the Purposes of Rape

One reader and my husband told me this  true horror story. I am sure my husband's sources were different [but the reader sent the link via Muscat Daily: ]. My husband said the persons who committed the crime were Omani and Asian (i.e. Indian, Pakistan, or Bangladeshi). I don't know who is right or wrong but the story is the thing of nightmares. I imagine the four guys who kidnapped the victim should be Omani, or at least two of them for talking purposes, for the ROP disguises to have been believable.
Basically four men arrive at your house around Midnight, imagine. They are dressed as ROP officers. They ask for your husband's ID. While he goes into the house to get it, they kidnap you, gang rape you, then hand you off to two other men who also sexually molest you.
Yes, you are rescued in the end, by the real ROP (who did a great job for once) and the monsters who put you through hell are caught, and so are the people connected with their crime.
But I imagine you never feel safe again. I imagine your relationship with your husband, for the guilt you both feel over the incident (none of it deserved) is hard now.  I imagine your trust in people and this place is gone.
Muscat Daily Reports that six people were arrested by the ROP in connection with the kidnap and sexual assault {gang rape} on a woman in South Ma'abela.
This the story from the Muscat Daily:
A source at ROP said, “Four persons had recently arrived at the house of the Asian woman in South Ma'abela at around midnight posing as police officers.

“After the accused rang the bell, the husband of the victim opened the door. The men said that they are from the police and asked him to produce his residence card. The husband went inside to get his residence card. When he returned, he found his wife missing.”

The husband filed a complaint with the Al Khoudh police station and a special team was constituted to crack the case.

After investigations, the police arrested the four accused who had kidnapped the woman. After sexually assaulting her, the four accused had handed over the 47 year old woman to two other persons, who also reported to have sexually assaulted her.

The police has also arrested the other two persons.

The case has been referred to the Public Prosecution for trial.

Scary stuff. I hope not only do they get rape and kidnap charges, but impersonating an ROP officer as well. I hope they spend at least 20 years in prison.

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Joel Pinto said...

Very Sad its happening in Oman too