Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Maid's Body Found with Dumpster Over Eid Weekend in the Interior... Still no news?

Okay, so I didn't blog this back over the Eid weekend because (a. I am not a sensationalist) and (b. I had no details about it) but there was a body found tossed next to a dumpster in my husband's village (well, not exactly his village but the closest township close to ours) and that body belonged to a maid.

When I heard the news a million suspicions and questions flooded my mind. Of course, no one just crawls to a garbage to die.

But I waited for news. Now it has been a number of months and still no news. I think I have to ask about it. If it hasn't been solved, well, that I feel the need to know.

If there was a murderer (or a rapist) living next door, and justice has been done, but people didn't say anything to be polite...  That I feel I also have the right to know. Rapists and violent offenders aren't always one-time crime people.

...And if the girl just suddenly died, wasn't murdered or hurt, but just died, who on earth was responsible for that disgusting and disrespectful treatment of her bodily remains?

If these were your neighbors, wouldn't you want to know?

Since the girl was just a maid, maybe with no friends or family here, she has no voice really, if the family who sponsored her do not speak for... That saddens me. Nothing is scarier than not having a voice.

I will update this post if I learn anything over this upcoming weekend.


Anonymous said...

Just a maid?

Maids are people too you know. Shows how ingrained it is in society in Oman that maids, cleaners, drivers, shop staff etc are beneath contempt and respect.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anonymous: Perhaps you can't read... I didn't say that I think of people less because how they are employed.... That's the whole point OF THIS POST. Seriously. Because I care what happened to THAT MAID. Because even I have no idea of her identity, I think she is a person and someone should worry about her, even if it seems no one else seems to.

Thank you, very much.

When writing "since the girl was just a maid" obviously I mean I am worried that the police aren't doing enough... and no one might care to find out further what happened to her, and some people might even want to keep it hush hush, just like if some Hispanic woman gets killed in the United States, there is way less hullabaloo than when a Caucasion woman gets killed. That's wrong, on so many levels, but not me or the authors of this blog or the Omanis who cared enough to tell me about the maid in the first place.

Thank you.

Anyone deserves more respect than to be killed and thrown in a dumpster, or even if they just died of natural causes, to be thrown aside in the garbage... Even criminals.

So please, before condemning people understand language use and why the phrase "just a maid" was used... in context to the post itself.

-pissed-off OPNO

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

And not one of us OPNO girls are actually Arab OR Omani btw, so your comment about societal ingrainment illustrates only YOUR lack of reading skills.

Feel free to be mad, as I am, very mad, if it seems people aren't treated equally, but don't call me a racist, classist, or even, a capitalist, when it comes to judging people, for my want of illustrating a point.

Don't blame Omanis, and Omani culture, for dismissing under-classed persons to lack of investigative results, because that happens in every severely classed (capitally speaking) country on the globe, not in Omanis only*. Ask ANY homicide department in any Western or European country. Much thanks