Sunday, October 25, 2015

IMAGES FROM THE WEEKEND: Omani Sunrise in the Hajar Mountains

I am not really a romantic see the sunrise/sunset kind of person...

...And my Omani husband, is not really a get-up-and-stay-up-after-fajr-prayer kind of person. But if he is awake, he is a see-the-sunrise kind of person.

Sometimes he drags me for tea and to walk along the corniche in Muscat to see the sun rise. When we do this, I am never impressed more than I loathe the sweat on the rim of my headscarf from the effort of all that. I know, I am a terrible human being, who does not deserve the beautiful nature of her surroundings, yada yada.

But, being in the Hajar mountains, my husband was like, 'this place will be awesome to see the sun rise" and I was like, "ok, let's do it" because really I don't sleep when a million roosters happen to be crowing for what I know will be a couple of hours, and I was waiting for breakfast at his mother's house.

Mmmm, Omani jola and zaataar.

Sunrise seeing time would kill the hour or so before the rest of the world woke up, providing me with Interior-Omani-style breakfast. As I am never ever a patient person, I am always up for time-killing devices.

So we waited for the sunrise like a couple of idiots, and we're like, maybe we missed it?

...Because it was pretty light out and nothing impressive happened. We decided the sun was behind a cloud, had already risen, and we'd just throw stones off the side of the cliff to kill time.

But then it came.

And for once (as I don't go in for sunrises ordinarily) it was lovely.

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