Wednesday, September 16, 2015

OOTD, with abaya: wearing colour in the Gulf

As promised, an outfit of the day post for one of my recently tailored coloured abayas. This abaya is my own design, and is linen and striped English cotton from Mehdi fabrics in al Qurum near Saabco. The shayla fabric is chiffon from the same store. It was tailored in al muwaleh near a tea shop. The sleeves are seven inches too long but that kind of (since I have snaps at the wrist) gives it a gathered bisht-kind of look, so I am ok with it, even though I know it was an error from the tailor, who sewed the linen to my arm measurement then added the striped fabric as I requested, without shortening the sleeve length. 3 omr, that's what you get.

I wear it with my own pearl bracelets and vintage cameo ring (neither are from Oman or likely to be purchased from anywhere) and a beige purse, which was from the Dragon souq in Barka (like 4 omr or something since I bought the same style in several colours). I think the brand of the purse is Susen, since of all the Chinese purse brands, I have come to trust Susen not to fall apart. It is actually better than Aldo, so...

Also, I am not likely to wear it with these red velvet Michael Kors shoes, but I haven't bought any shoes yet that I love to go with I thought a pop of red looked nice next to all the beige and the orange of the lantern props.
Myself, I really love the airiness of wearing cotton and linen but some people prefer the crepe of traditional abaya fabrics (I know I prefer the weave of black shayla fabric to any chiffon in colours I have yet found). ...My father, would probably hate the fabric I chose, and say with all those little roses and stripes it looks like something he'd upholster a dining chair seat in or something and that I was bound to wear curtains one day, blah blah, but I feel it is so English country, and yet from far away, the stripes are so Arab (my husband said it looked kind of Algerian) that it kind of just sums my personality up. Nothing quite from one place but at home.

I've already worn it out around a little in Muscat (with flats not heels) and no weird stuff from men... ...Though, since I am OBVIOUSLY not Omani, Omani women when they see me with my husband kind of are , errr, more colder, meaner maybe...than usual???

I don't know, they think I am Moroccan or Syrian or Algerian ;) or something, and married to Omani, and not Western in this (and Omani women are usually friendly to Western-convert-me and just laugh about why I would want to marry an Omani) so this is a hazard (for me at least) I guess to wearing some colour (or stripes?) in Muscat.

It is a sad fact...Omani women my age or older generally dislike poor Moroccan women, and I guess I am proof that pertains even to modestly dressed ones, so they can't say it is cuz Moroccans are dressed inapproproately or going out with a boyfriend because obviously we were a family with kids and super covered. So take that, argument against Omani-female-hate for Moroccans;).

I haven't dared try to wear it in the Interior yet where my inlaws live... That we will have to wait and see.


Karima said...

It looks beautiful - masha'allah. I might take the idea and make one (similar) for myself ... hope you don't mind!

Raheel said...

That's a really lovely outfit mashaallah, it's a great colour and the accessories go perfectly with it.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Karima: Thank you. Of course not;)... All the tailors in Oman seem to copy and most of the designer brands copy high fashion...there's no such thing as "copying" in the abaya trade ha;)

Raheel: Thank you. I got a polk-a-dot one too, but I am feeling it needs something neon or like electric yellow to go with it;)