Sunday, September 13, 2015

Khaleeji Hair VS the Missing Hairbrush+a pair of scissors

Anyone whose read this blog for a while knows I have been on a quest to find that gorgeous long thick glossy "khaleeji" hair Omani girlfriends of mine seem to achieve with ease. Well, recently, I decided, I am not Khaleeji or Arab, and I am giving up this insane mission, and screw it all to hell (if indeed cutting one's hair is cursed in Islam---do you know????).

I've always kind of been at war with my own hair. My mother and father and basically all my family BUT my grandmother, wanted me to keep my hair long. And by long, I mean, like, hiplength-to-floor-length. Princess hair, you know, like Rapunzel? Grandma, who grew up in an Edwardian/Strongly-still Victorian city in the 30s-40s, was like, cut it off, makes sense, practical. She had five sons, lived through the war, so yeah, short hair was in fashion in her time period. Although she went to the salon to have it cut and permed into shape weekly. I could never manage that somehow.
I remember the first time I cut my hair, I lied to the hardresser, said I was older than I was, and got a bob. It was the WORST possible hair cut for my face shape, ever. I looked fat and ugly and thus, made it through my teens without  anyone ever thinking I was beautiful AT ALL. My father deemed the hair cut itself, and the task of growing it out, punishment enough.
But then, I still had that thing in my head. Sure, the princesses in the stories always had long flowing hair... but the heroes who were women? They cut their hair. Look at Disney's Mulan, Joan of Arc, Alix who went with Richard the Lionheart to the crusades disguised as a page boy, Arya Stark from "game of Thrones"... I mean, come on, who doesn't like little Arya better than pretty-but-pretty useless Sansa? All the girls in stories I liked pretty much had short hair.
So I cut my hair into a Pixie-cut and life was good.

But then I became a Muslim, and people told me cutting my hair shorter than chin or shoulder length meant resembling a man yada yada in the Prophet Mohammed's time (peace and blessing be upon him) so I grew my hair out and have been struggling to align myself with traditional khaleeji ideals of  "hair" beauty ever since.
I have tried. I don't know. None of those oil treatments does my hair any good here. The water is too crap and thick with minerals. Also, I think I just don't have time to bother with it.

Kids, shower, style hair, husband, shower, work, hair into pony-tail rush---look for brush or hair ties, at work hair being rubbed by hijab, home shayla off and hair just dry from shower, shower again, kids....: my schedule meant my hair took a beating. It was pulled by a six-month old continuously, got gum in it from a 3 year old, does not dry from showers, costs a hell of a lot of money in conditioner....

So running late for something I couldn't find my brush but I did find a pair of scissors.

My husband came in the door just before I lopped it off. I was like "will you take me to the salon to cut my hair today?"

He was like "sure later tonight." Which means, we wouldn't have time for it. Or, like, he doesnt want me to cut my shorter than my rib cage.

So I grabbed my hair into a tangled pony and chopped it. I cut it straight through. I had to saw a little.

LOL, if you could have seen my Omani husband's face. (I am pretty sure all the women in his family think cutting a woman's hair is haraam/sinful).

I was like: "Now you really have to take me unless you want me to look like a monk."

Now, husband is like, "you have to wear a hijab ALWAYS when you visit my family."

I am like, "you can't stop me, ha ha ha. And you'll never know until it is too late---women only ya' know".

And that's that.

I'll leave the khaleeji hair for the khaleeji girls, and be the wild (and lazy) Pixie chick that I am;).

Husband admits a day later that he actually likes it and I look ten years younger. I feel younger. More stress-free. I feel like myself. Stylish, carefree, young, myself. Not anyboy else's idea of womanhood, but my own. So if long hair gets you that, and you can manage, kudos to you. A man's hair cut done at home does that for me.
That's good right? And at least I am not alone. Princess Deena of Saudi Arabia is also rocking a Pixie cut, so I wonder if she faces the same crap from inlaws as I will.... dun da dun.... So I guess modern-day Princesses have pixie-cuts too.

But that's another story.


Oum Adam said...

I`ld love to read an update on how your inlaws took your new hair cut! :-D

MsDreamy said...

Don't worry. I'm a omani girl and i had a pixie cut before and everyone loveded it. I hate long hair it takes a lot of my time and effort.

farah.mua said...

I went though this phase when I was younger where I despised my long, thick, dark hair. I was raised in Canada and all my friends had shorter layered lighter hair and all I wanted was to chop mine off and get highlights, so one day I did. it looked nice but I instantly regretted it and wanted my old hair back. my friends never told me how much they liked my old hair until it was gone hah! I guess sometimes people just want the opposite of what they have. it took me a really long time to grow it back, but at least I learned a valuable lesson then. Never change yourself for anyone but yourself. I also learned that the best way to grow your hair is by doing the least possible to it- minimal heat and coloring, and always keep it conditioned and soft, to prevent split ends and breakage, and so you don't need trims. my hair literally wouldn't grow until I stopped straightening it altogether. now its finally belly-button length. also, I just wanted to let you know that not all muslims think its haram to remove or cut hair, as long as you're not shaving your whole eyebrow off and replacing it with a tattoo like some people do. i was going through your site and i love it! i am a makeup artist and its crazy here, its quite confusing because some people think you're being cheap if you don't splash every known color onto their face haha! but still love this beautiful country and its people <3