Friday, September 25, 2015

Eid's Not so Bad

My husband sent me these photos today, after the last post I made;). The caption was, "Eid's Not So Bad"... Which does mean of course, his English is getting better, that, or he watched an episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie on youtube, called "Eid's a Wonderful Life" and figured you can use Eid for it's.
Eid swag, Omani male style


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assalamu alaikum hi hope alls well on your have a really interesting blog....i really enjoy reading it....though it sometimes feels like reading a private diary....sorry about that....your abaya designs are just great Maa Shaa Allah....and reading about Oman just make you feel 'oh how i wish i could some day visit Oman' sounds like a good place to spend your holidays...anyways hope you are in good health by Allah;s grace and mercy....Muslimah

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Muslimah: wa alaykom e salaam, yes I am well. Ignore my Eid blues. I just imagine spending holidays differently than I am societally expected to here;) so don't worry. I have decided to (for example, get my license, and do some 4x4ing, get back into archeology, do stuff I like etc...) ... if I ever get the time for that. So it is my fault really that I am a workaholic and yet plan badly at arranging time for family and work and myself. Oman is awesome, but these are the expat blues;).

I love abayas. I am sure my designs aren't very original. I just choos ewhat I like. That's fashion to me;).

I am not offended, I am a person who says everything in my head unless I am "sworn to secrecy") or have to not say something to protect someone or be polite... One of the reasons I blog is because maybe these things aren't always what one can say... but I can write them, and when I read others thoughts, it is less "private" and more about being involved in the mindsets of others', which can be helpful...

Anonymous: hi?

A.: I'll tell my husband, he took them all really.