Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reading "New Moroccan Style" by Susan Sully and Eyeing Valerie Barkowski's take on Minimal Moroccan

Reading "New Moroccan Style" by Susan Sully I stumbled upon Dar Kawa Hotel in Marrakesh, and fell head over heels for the minimalistic treatment of Arabian decor by Valerie Barkowski on the 17th century Moroccan building. I am in no way a minimalist myself, so I have such respect for people who can treat a space as space worthy of its own emptiness, but also make that space warm, inviting, and human. There is something so intriguing and alluring about Valerie's slightest graceful touch, that my admiration is this blathering you come to read.  

...I also came upon (by way of googling) Valerie's own blog and am now an avid follower: http://valeriebarkowski.com/ . 

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