Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Watch out for the Ramez Pervert(s)

 When I was a teenager, back in 2003/4? I don't remember when, my mother, who was a PDO housewife with lots of time on her hands, liked to drive all the way out to exciting Seeb. Yes, that was far to her. Ruwi and Seeb, were, like the-ends-of-the-earth Oman to expats (like her) back then. Anyways, we'd drive out to Ruwi to buy paints and crafts supplies because it had the only decent shop for that kind of thing back then (that shop is closed now). And we'd drive to Ramez in Seeb so she could buy cheap glassware because my mother had taken up glass-painting. That's Ramez.

Basically Ramez is three buildings, one is a supermarket that I doubt expats love unless they love to buy freshly baked Turkish bread  and can live without toast (because their produce section sucks). The other is a weird weird weird clothing store that occasionally you can find something cool at for like 4-6 OMR or under. The third, is the stuff Ramez, which expats do frequent because they sell nice carpets for 30-80 OMR (better prices than Carrefour) and glassware and school supplies and random gifts. I find some pretty cool stuff at Ramez. Almost all my kitchen stuff is from there (not appliances however).

Now that I am a Muslim, not a non-Muslim teenager, I have noticed something however. The Ramez perverts.

Now I don't know if this affects only Omani women shopping in Ramez (as the perverts tend to bug Omani women or abaya-clad women with headscarves from what I have witnessed). But it has led to my husband being relunctant that I should shop in Ramez alone (not that I can't handle myself but he really wants to beat up the creeps so I don't have to, I don't know, whack them with baskets off the shelves from the stuff Ramez).
Incident number 1. I was in clothing Ramez, in the day, during working hours, looking at pajamas and skirts, trying to find a not so fugly skirt that isn't 100 meters too long for me. Pajamas and skirts are adjacent to lingerie, and there's this dude, Omani, in a dishdasha, watching the women shopping for lingerie. He's not shopping. Not like the Indian men, obviously buying panties and stuff for their wives back in India for when they go back home. Trust me, this guy isn't shopping. He's just being a perv.

He notices me, noticing him and he comes over to me and does the "salaam alaykom". I am like, ignore him and walk away. I attach myself to another big Omani family shopping and pretend like I am part of their family. He doesn't buy it, so I go out of the store and walk to Abeer, another store near the Suburu dealership across the parking lot. (They have nice leggings and cute little baby stuff sometimes).

Pervert follows me.

Into Abeer.

He comes over trying to talk to me while I am flipping through the legging rack. I tell him "I don't speak Arabic, leave me alone". The shop girl, and the Indian guy in the store, see, but do nothing.

He asks me if I am Omani. I "no Arabic." He asks me then if I am Bangladeshi. I say no I am Canadian, leave me alone, or I'll call the police. He then asks me if I want his number. I am like, you know whose number I want? The police. Leave me alone or I call them.

He finally leaves me alone. He then goes to hit on the shop girl. Guess what though, she does give him her phone number. Which tricked me right out.

...Meanwhile, later that evening, same dude is back in Ramez clothes. I am there while my husband is outside, and perv is in the lingerie section again.

I try to tell the store people but they don't understand me or don't want to do anything. So I tell my husband and when he talks to perv, perv runs out of the store. I tried to get a photo of him, but its blurry.

Incident #2. Last night. Stuff Ramez.

Stuff Ramez is usually the safest. There's this bigger Omani guy (who wears a vest over his dishdasha) who works in stuff Ramez who seems to care about keeping perverts out. However, he was working till since the store was so busy with back-to-school shopping, and I was shopping with my husband.

It was busy. I lost my husband and was wandering alone in the candles and basket section. I noticee this Omani dude in a cream dishdasha following me so I walk really fast to another isle, looking for my husband.

More baskets and glass some glass vases in this section, no husband.

Creepy dude follows me and walks very fast trying to rub against me saying something (who knows what he said because it was probably Arabic but he was creepy!).

I of course, manage to avoid him, but armed myself with a basket to beat him with, and ran down to the tills at the end of the isle and stood by the cashiers until I saw my husband.

While I would love to beat some dude over the head with a basket and cream him with a vase, my husband would freak out, that like, I touched the pervert in order to hit him (Omani men and Muslim men in general rediculous and that's why I blame a lot of Arab women have no concept of self-defense but whatever), so like, when I did see my husband, he wanted to look the whole store over with him to find the pervert (which like, I didn't want to do, the guy was a creep I didn't want to spend my precious time on the guy).
Incident #3. Food Ramez.

There are more than one pervert who operates in food Ramez. I avoid them by going to the vegetable weighing guy, who glares them down.

However, I did have a friend who was followed out of food Ramez by a pervert down the road. Which scared her a great deal.

And there is a day-time old Omani dude pervert in food Ramez, however he never pervs on me, just stares at women in the bread section. I don't really find him all that pervey, although I am sure my mother-in-law does. I feel kind of sad for him, I don't know why, like why is this old dude alone in the food Ramez without his family? He doesn't look like he follows anyone, hangs out in lingerie sections, or grabs women and he never speaks to women. So he bothers me less. But he's there too most days.

Ramez pervs, 98% always youngish Omani men in dishdashas. Some just follow and try to talk to you and be all pervey in lingerie sections. Others try to touch you when you are in a busy but deserted section of a store.

Watch out.

These dudes are making it hard for me to enjoy Ramez, serriously. If I can't hit them with stuff, it makes the experience really unpleasant for me.

I don't know, my father says I am just that girl that like, the serial killer decides to stalk and follow, and maybe it is me, I come across as an easy victim due to my height and lack of obvious strength and stuff, but does this happen to anybody else? Especially at Ramez?

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