Friday, August 7, 2015

Khaleeji Abayas circa 2015: times are a'changing

I have been travelling and the other OPNO doesn't care about abaya fashion because half the time she's in pantsuits with a hijab not abaya and when she wears abaya she shops only from one store (I mean, ever). However belated it is for me to post, I am going to say, abaya fashion is 100% changed since a year and a half ago. It is time for me to go abaya shopping, which I haven't done in a while, and while I have been perusing the designer brands, nothing is speaking to me like the local street fashion. Everytime I go to city center mall in Seeb these days I see 2-3 abayas I just want so badly, and this used to be Dubai for me...

The difference between Dubai and Muscat is Muscat fashion is made at a tailor by an individually stylish Omani woman usually (nothing I liked was ready-made or a local brand) so if going on the trend of coloured abayas, that means a trip to the fabric shops and tailors for me rather than just a shop... Which I admit I hate doing but the creative aspect is great.
What is different is black is the trim colour or there is no black at all---or it is apparent with black in it but not the major part of the design. Pockets are also making a comeback. Loose loose and shapeless is the rule of the colourful abaya since colour alone in the Gulf is eye-catching, but I have to say I love this trend. The secretary in our office is so trendy I want to photo her outfit every day, alas, then she'd know this blog is mine;). I mean she can pull off shoulder-to-toe electric-blue leopard print abayas. That's something.
That's one style option, the other is the "new" black Khaleeji style coming in.

DAS COLLECTION 2015 moves away from the super baggy loose kimono sleeves we've had for the last couple years (but still baggier than we tend to wear in the West or Europe) in the Gulf with subtle tweed embellishments (which I am loving, always a classics+Chanel girl at heart). Also, they have pockets. Practical for nations where a cellphone never leaves your person.
Below, from the Ramadan DAS collection (more what the Gulf has been wearing the last couple of years, but beautifully ornate of course, being a DAS peice).
Will do OOTD posts if I have time after shopping.

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