Sunday, August 30, 2015

DAILY DIARY: Wedding Drifting, and Police Brutality: The Nizwa Beatings ;)

All I have to say is, I feel sorry for the bride.

Seriously, twitter is still busy alive with the jokes about Nizwa guys. No the price of Luqman oil has not really gone up in Nizwa (its a medicine for bruises and cuts that Omanis like to use).

In case you haven't heard...More than a couple of days ago now, two poor young people were getting married. As is the custom in Oman, a train of male relatives and the groom come to transport the bride from her home [or female-only party in a rented wedding hall] to her new home.

Now, this groom was into cars and the sport of drifting.

Call him what you will,  but he gets the word out to all the guys in his family, that they should come, and drift and cause a ruckus, as he drives his new bride to her new home.
You've probably seen a wedding procession before in Oman. The clues to look for that it is indeed a wedding procession in front of you honking rather than, like, some guys who are in love with either football/soccer or HM Qaboos, is the car will be decorated with flowers and ribbons and not Omani flags and cardboard cut-outs of Qaboos.

The wedding procession is supposed to be, the guys protect the bride on her journey to her new home. That usually means, they don't let anyone pass them on the road or come alongside the car to see inside it.

I personally would just find that weird, or, backwards, or insulting, as a woman, and am glad we didn't do this for my marriage to an Omani although it is done in his family and his region of Oman.

However, IFFFFFF the guys doing the transporting drive the speed limit, and not, 10 km an hour, this usually doesn't piss anyone off. People honk, smile nicely etc...

However, as you can imagine, the Nizwa guy's procession, got the interest of every young drifter in Nizwa....and the attention of the ROP (Royal Oman Police).

As the wedding procession had all but annoyingly shut down traffic, the ROP told people, if you don't go home NOW, well...

So thus, the male section of the wedding party AND anybody who was watching taking videos with their I-phones etc... were beaten up by the police.

Honestly, usually, police brutality would bother me... However, as every Omani out there seems to think this was the correct response from the police;) what else should I say on the matter but that I have pity for the poor bride?

And I do. This was supposed to be her wedding day.... And its not like Omani girls get a lot of parties and stuff that's all about them in their life, so...

So now guys: if you have to carry-on the rather antiquated tradition of a now mostly unarmed male pack who wouldn't know how to use the guns or swords they are wearing to save their own lives escorting a young lady to her new life, do drive the speed limit, and don't ask male strangers (unrelated non-maharams of the bride) to join in the parade and everybody should be okay.

Spending your wedding night bailing your idiot husband's family and friends out of jail or seeing them in the hospital because they were beaten by riot police, totally not how any young woman envisions spending her wedding night.

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