Monday, June 29, 2015

A Funny Omani Observation About Expats

(MOP) [my husband]: You know, its funny, You, and other [from-the-land-far-and-away] expats... You are awfully conversational about all aspects of Omani society, government, politics, etc..., but back in [the-land-far-and-away] how many of you, did really care that much about your own government and society?

OPNO [me]: ......

{I have an excuse at least, as soon as I found out there were roads that led to other places in the world, I wanted to go}


Anonymous said...

Please tell your husband that this former expat is quite critical about the way the UK government behaves, hates the way society is heading and follows UK politics very carefully. You need to be living in a country to pick up fully on what is happening.

Btw, young people seem to have little interest in politics etc. That interest comes with age.

Oum Adam said...

Hmmm, I got more interested in Belgian politics when I moved abroad to be honest. I follow up on the headlines daily, my way of staying connected with my home country, I guess. :-)

Anonymous said...

American expat, living in Europe more than 30 years .... and still listening to NPR, reading the NYT, bitching about everything wrong in the USA ... and notably silent on affairs of my adopted home, since it does NOT have all those problems (and idiots), and I am SO grateful to be living here.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anon: I cared more about politics when I was young but I guess I became... jaded? Disillusioned? I suppose I felt my ability to make changes, real ones, was quite limited, and the chances of me becoming what I actually dislike, in order to succeed in voicing changes in government, by participating in politics... seemed very real.

I think my Omani husband feels that way about Oman, he cares but he thinks raging is pointless, and change beyond him unless he wants to become like... some wasta people... I just guessing;)

OUm Adam: You're Belgian and lived in Egypt? That's interesting... I fall out with Canadian politics in Oman... I don't see news about my home country or search for it.... maybe I am a terrible citizen;)

Anon: I complain about stuff because I consider this my home:) oman... But I am not American. I have American relatives who drive me insane lol;) that's where I get my y'alls from but all the Americans I've known in Oman are so dear to me and unlike, I don't, the prejudices my home country has and others internationally. Suppose you must be one of those;)

Oum Adam said...

Nope, I`m Belgian, married to an Egyptian, but never lived there unfortunately! Maybe in the future, in shaa Allah. :-) I`ll be visiting relatives in Egypt this Eid, in shaa Allah. :-)

I became more nationalistic after living abroad actually. And my fellow Belgian expat sisters say the same. :-) Nothing beats Belgian chocolate!

I don`t know a thing about Canada, to be honest. I have one friend living there, and apparently some distant relatives too, but anyway, I`m catching up on Canadian culture a little through your blog. ;-)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Oum Adam: Belgian chocolate is nigh near divine;) Canadians love it;).
I am ashamed to admit, I only know a little about Belgium, and that's the history in Africa.... which I am sure Belgium has much brighter history elsewhere but I am not well read on Europe beyond France and Rome and the U.K and Ireland. Definately not any modern politics;) although Greece sure does seem to be on the news here.

I've heard Egyptians go all out for Ramadan and Eids. Omanis do Eids;) but then, that's a totally family affair so unless you are really really close with some Omanis you probably won't experience. Even then, it would probably be dull compared to Egypt;).

I decorate for Ramadan, like Egyptians:).

Oum Adam said...

Ow, that`s a really dark page in Belgian history books! It`s still something that isn`t discussed much today in Belgium. Sort of swept under the carpet, I suppose. Unfortunately there`s not that much history to be told: we`re such a tiny country, for the most part we`ve been dominated by countries like France. :-) But hey, it`s a good place to live in (Aside from the islamophobia, lol.).

Eid in Egypt is more special, I guess, I`ve been there with Eid-ul-Adha but never with Eid-ul-Fitr, so this is going to be a first! I guess celebrating Eid depends a lot on your own attitude towards it.

Our hourse is also decorated for Ramadan and Eids, I just LOVE to do that. :-) It`s a MUST. With no Christmas anymore, I want to make our special times really, really special!

I`m curious to know more about how Omanis spend their Eids. Did you write something about that before? Or maybe this is inspiration for a next blog post. ;-)

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Oum Adam: We posted a link list for you about Omani Eids;)

Belgium looks to have beautiful architecture and furniture... I'd visit. Islamiphobic people amuse me, as a very European appearing individual...

Same for me, no Christmas so decorations for Eid for sure.

I've not been to Egypt but my husband has a lot of Egyptian friends and co-workers and they always complain to him how bored they are here for holidays:)