Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TWO OMANIS IN: Dublin, 2013; Couchsurfing Fail, and the one thing I wanted to see

So Dublin... Yeah, Dublin. We had originally planned to stay two days in Dublin BUT the only couchsurfers who'd replied to our request were Nudists, which didn't really suit us, and they were super sweet and totally understood that.

Really, Ireland, your couch-surfing (besides the couple aforementioned) community sucks.

However, we booked a hotel for one night, even though after the inanely long drive, we were ready to drop dead from exhaustion.  We returned our rental car, we shuttled to the airport, from the airport we were shuttled to our hotel, and, after dropping our things off, we shuttled back to the airport, where we bought a buss pass and set off bussing it to Dublin.
I think it was my husband's first time on a double decker. Anyways, lotsa awesome moving vehicle photography from me....
 Arriving in downtown Dublin, we set off walking to see the only thing I actually planned purposefully to see in Dublin, although there are many many things to see and do that we never did. As it was already very late in the day, the one thing in Dublin I had to, HAD TO, see, was closing soon.

So some moving (on foot) photography from me.
 ...even faster walking...
And finally, with no more chances along the way to even manage a very bad photo, we arrived at the one thing in Dublin I wanted to see: The National Museum of Archeology!!!!
 As the Museum was closing (we just barely scraped in, and they were dimming the lights) I was just madly running through trying to see the things I wanted to see. I definitely have to come back here. My husband was wandering around taking photos, looking at stuff, reading plaques... I never got to the bog mummy section I so desperately needed to see...
 So, after the museum staff ever so kindly insisted we leave, we went to find food. I was about to drop, I was so so so tired. However, we walked passed a lovely flower market I did not photograph (although I did however, snap this girl in what appears to be the uniform for the female sex in Dublin era 2013: jacket or blazer over top, jeans tucked into calf-length boots):
 So we found food.
Was it this very delicious Moroccan restaurant {pictured above}?:


It was a schwarma joint.

We were craving meat after a week of mashed potatoes and strawberries and fresh baked pie, and we wanted halal.

We found this Moroccan Restaurant, after we turned the corner from there.

I take this photo to remind myself, of the food we could have eaten...
 Basically, after food, I was so grouchy and wanted to sleep. I really, really had to sleep, so we went back to the hotel, and I slept. Five hours later we took a shuttle bus to airport and flew back to Oman.

Dublin, for sure, we have to come again. We did not do you justice.
The hotel we stayed at: cheap, with a shuttle to the airport, which was basically what we were looking for. A more modern hotel, but was warm, comfy, had food, and tourist information, and pillows and bedding were good, toiletries not utter crap. A fair hotel, for when couchsurfing let's you down;)

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