Saturday, May 16, 2015

Letter to my Future Neighbors

Dear Feuding Omani Future Neighbors to be,

Grow up. You are acting like children. In fact, some of your own children, don't know what they should say in excuse to your extreme---and immature--- behaviour.  They don't want to lie for you.

Muscat Municipalities came again, the other day, because you called them, despite the fact that everything on our site IS perfectly legal. However, they admitted to being late for some other stuff we need them to do, since, 90% of the time when they are asked to visit our construction site, it is for some pointless feuding you are doing amongst yourselves and trying to include us in. The baladiyia is mad and punishing us for your crap. Please, grow up, or regret it. I mean, I am going to be your neighbor. Unless you wanna move or be miserable, don't get on my bad side. I am famous for outrageous actions, and well, my temper. I am not some demure Omani woman or expat whose gonna take crap, trust me.

And, according to them (the housing Ministry), the government gave you another land, and you divided this place up as fair as the courts could divide the land among your squabbling family, and your brother or cousin sold us the land and it is ours now. We are going to live there. No matter what you do to slow down our building process, or make it more expensive, it will happen (Allah willing). Because I am just warning y'all, you've never, ever seen crazy like my kind of crazy. So you wanna be bad neighbors, I can beat you ALL at that, forever AND A DAY.  I don't need guests, or more friends. I don't like Omanis who visit me every day (no offense to nice neighbors). I will do things you've never imagined, and I don't give up.

So stop trying convert my husband to one side or the other, while at the same time, screwing us over, because honestly, I don't care about y'all and your issues. We've been nice, but I for one, am done. Fair warning.

P.S this is the girl who suggested to Pomegranite Bitter [ ]to just spray anyone with a hose who brought the dumpster back to the side of her house.


Anonymous said...

good luck with your house :) So sad, people can be bitchy no matter nationality or religion. Where's "respect and love for your neighbor/brother in Islam/humanity"? Just selfish and rude.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anonymous: As they hate their own blood and bone, I guess loving your neighbors is asking a bit much of them;).

However, they are doing a lot of illegal stuff, such as running commercial properties, on residential zoning, so, easy to get revenge on them if I wanted to. Besides other stuff I have imagined, in my irate state after they have just done something stupid or petty.

My Omani husband says "look on the bright side" though. As I don't have time to clean and make coffee and chat with guests all day, better for privacy, if I don't make friends with anyone else lol.