Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter to a Lesser Leader

So when the door of the car that he drove wouldn't open (because admittedly it was a piece of crap that was just barely holding on to life) and he had to climb out of the passenger side, and he didn't smell the greatest because the car didn't have ac, and he didn't buy the nicest brand of oudh, his words didn't count, his suggestions didn't matter.

Now he pulls up in a new Landcruiser, you hear he is building a twin villa in Al Hail, and he's got two wives, you think he might just be a little wiser now? You ask for advice.

I wonder at people like you, and how you lead the new generation, what you teach them.

It should make me angry. Now it just makes me sad. There is the tribal Oman, that judges a man on his history and the strength and honour of his family, and occasionally, on the colour of one's skin. There is a capitalist Oman, where money makes a difference. Neither of these are the Oman of my dreams. I understand a little, why those Omanis with open minds, never leave the tribal end of Oman, even though they know its flaws, because of lesser leaders who think knowledge is success, even if that success is a mirage. That would be like trading a worn out old garment with holes in it, to be dressed by a pick pocket.

Those villas, belong to his wives. His car is in the garage and the one he is driving is a loan from a relative. Still, his ideas are good, his reasoning sound.

I wonder why a car and an address, or a family name and tribe can equal success and wisdom. I hope no man ever aspires to teach that failed philosphy to my children. How can you lead anyone in such a blind manner?


Alpaca Girl said...

I am reading your blog.....I am studying Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and Yemen.....I LOVE your blog!!! Alpaca Girl

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Alpaca Girl: What aspects are you studying?

Thanks for reading!

Alpaca Girl said...

I am studying about Arabian countries right now. I am learning Arabic. I LOVE studying about traditional dress in the Arabian countries, ESPECIALLY Oman!!!! I am trying to put together an Omani outfit! Alpaca Girl <3