Tuesday, March 3, 2015

UPDATE: Losers in Cars Same as Ever in Oman

Oh. My. God.

I had forgotten how horribly AWFUL it is to walk in Oman. I was just walking down the side of the road today, trying to flag a taxi, and how many IDIOTOBNOXIOUS barely past pubescent BOYS honked at me? Or pulled frighteningly over to coyly offer a ride? (not taxi drivers---they are a post of other days).

SO ANNOYING! Not fly, not cool, not sexy: stalkerish, lame, lousy, low... Like I'd ever get into the car of a stranger! Especially a stranger with the vibe of looser, stalker, or serial killer.

Dear Oman, I forgot all about needing to take taxis and this, walking to and from the store with my groceries. Guys swerving over so that I have to walk in the dirt and dust to avoid coming even close to them. Guys that honk and scare the crap out of you. Guys that are like, ten years younger than me in their first car who think that a busy older woman in an abaya walking alone would EVER EVER EVER be interested in them. Let alone some cool expat chic their own age.


Hasn't changed in Muscat, this, loser guys, in cars, since, like, 1995. Although I do admit, the men who hit on me when I was pre-pubscent girl-child are FFFFFFFAAAAAARRRRR creepier than being in my 30s now, and having 17 year olds trying the same.

Other than that, same old, same old crap from Omani men. Thank Allah for my Omani husband who drives me almost everywhere. I'd forgotten about this crap.

End rant, for today.


Heather Duncan said...

I'm not exactly sure what they think will happen if you got in the car with them. To them does that automatically concent to some adult only action?

Some of these kids watch too many films. Some of them are just too full of their own egos. And some of them are just plain creepy.

Anyways, I missed your rants on guys in cars. Welcome back!!

Heather x

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Heather: I guess. Maybe just talking to a girl is thrilling? I dunno. For them it is a chance at something xxx lol. Or to show off how smooth they are?

So smooth.

I haven't been walking much lately;)

Heather Duncan said...

I do still walk a lot but I constantly have "resting bitch face" without meaning to so it's not very often they will come near me anymore.

And if they do I always have my phone charged and ready to take their picture. :)