Monday, March 23, 2015

To that Jackass that slapped the Indian worker at the petrol pump/with update

To the Jackass {Omani} who slapped the Indian worker pumping his gas for him who forgot to close the tank and the smell of petrol invaded your car...the other day in barka... you do not have the right to slap anyone for stupidity, and certainly not because you think the person you slapped is below you.

My (omani) husband tried to convince the poor worker to sue you as it is his legal right to. We would be his witness because I bet if it was a white WESTERN chic pumping your gas or a fellow omani you wouldn't dare even swear at us.

BTW we took your plates, jackass, and let's see how you can explain your stupid behavior in court hmmm.

ADDITION: It is illegal to post the plates on blogger unless he's already been convicted in court for assault, and apparently the Indian man is afraid that if he sues the Omani guy, the Omani guy will beat him up worse, sooooo, what to do?

My husband will try to ask the Indian's sponsor to sue the Omani who slapped him.


Divia said...

Way to go you and husband! Love to see less jackasses around..

MsDreamy said...

amazing... u did the right thing... please keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

One way to punish is to circulate his plate no. and car details....