Tuesday, March 17, 2015

OOTD , in abaya: Houndstooth, and why I love wearing abaya

I really, really love getting a new abaya. Disbelieve me if you may, but I find abaya to be a freedom. All black you say? Well times are a'changing in Oman, and prints and colours (albeit with a little black trim) are the new abaya. Or at least, the outfit du jour, as I am sure we will all revert back to the ease and comfort of the Muslim woman's little black dress [which is why its kind of become a Gulf-Arab uniform]. Why do I love it you might ask?: well I can wear my pajamas to work, a mini skirt to the mall, all and all, and you would never know. Unless the escaltor ate it of course, and that would be tragic.

I just got the abaya pictured above (houndstooth) for 8 OMR. Yes, you heard me, 8 OMR. Why? Because it is an exhibition ready-made abaya made in bulk in Dubai. Yes, the snaps will all fall off, I know, however, for a short season it is awesome. I love houndstooth. And 8 omr? I dare the escalator to eat it. I can afford it;) [say alhamdulilah, mashaAllah, right, because there are starving naked struggling people in the world and I just said that, which I should be ashamed of, but in Oman, 8 omr is like, I don't know, not much at all for an abaya].

Coloured and patterns, at least according to the fashion of the just 20 somethings who prance around my work in more elaborate and stylin' looks than I would dare, are the thing. Even the conservative girls are giving it a go (navy blue and brown subdued stretch prints instead of screaming electric blue or bold geometric brights). Take that Islamic extremists, because you know, as much as I love black, I hate people telling me what I have to wear. I believe Allah already did that, in the Qur'an, and ya know, He, the Almighty to us Muslims, said nothing about "let it be black". He told the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessed be) that "it should be loose" "not so expensive that the poor could never buy it" or so gross that the people would think one was in need of help or a wannabe pious sufferer. It shouldn't be see-through (and if it is, the clothing underneath has to follow the same conditions). That's about it. No colour guidance. The Prophet's wife Aisha wore a brownish yellow colour. Anothe rof his wives often wore a dark blue. He told one man to give his wife or sister a piece of red clothing that man had burned. The Prophet Mohammed even complimented once, the simple design trimming one woman's clothing.

So I like me my houndstooth. It is loose, it is baggy, you could fit three of me inside, its just that wide. But it is an abaya, and isn't it fab?


Anonymous said...

Salaams sister where can i buy abayas as cheap as that? Ive looked through your blog but most of the abayas in the posts are quite expensive and not in my budget especially the designer ones.
I'm not fussy when it comes to abayas, i too want stylish ones but not at such a high price.
If you could give a list of places (doesn't matter if its charity shops)in oman or the gulf so when i visit i can to these places without any hassle.
Thanks in advance.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Dear Sis, cheap abayas like this cheap, are at exhibitions at seeb exhibition center, always offer 8-9 omr, even they ask more.... exhibitions aren't on every day however... they also have the same exhibitions on in Sohar, closer to UAE if you are driving over.

Cheapest way is to buy the fabric yourself and get is made at a tailor. Always. But takes time.