Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Omani Invents a way to keep books in place for libraries

 Yaqoub Said Al Habsi (a librarian at Sultan Qaboos University) invented a mechanical book prop that repositions books in libary shelves so that when a book is removed from the self, the other books are automatically spaced so there are no gaps, and the place for the removed book is locked until it is checked back in by a librarian.
This means that all books cannot be lost within the library itself due to being disorganized (readers cannot simply take a book and place it somewhere else---they have to place it on a to be returned cart and any book just lying around will be returned to the to-be-returned section, where the librarian can open the locked places where the books rightly belong according to iserial numbers.
How awesome is that? Apparently the device is powered by rechargable batteries.

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