Monday, March 30, 2015

Marella Agnelli's Marrakesh Home

Ever since I first saw that first iconic picture of her swan-like grace, captured by photographer Richard Avedon, I fell in love with the style of Marella Agnelli. I know her Marrakech home has been posted a million times all over the net, and is also featured in Vogue, however, I love it so much I am storing these lovely images right here on our blog. Marella's pink bedroom informs how I want my daughter's room to look (since she insists on pink).  But the gardens, and English-country style take on Arabian design always tugs at my heart strings...It isn't often I could say that I would  move right into a space without making any changes, but this house would probably be it. Of course there is one thing wrong with it... it isn't in Oman;).

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