Friday, March 13, 2015

Khaleeji Kitchens: Some Design Ideas for Oman

To me, the modern Arabic kitchen would feature open shelving, and local craft influences... to be Omani it would be relatively simple in colours (like Greek villas in Santorini only a muddy brown rather than purest white), and rustic in materials. But, for Moroccan, bright colours and modern lines could be added to the mix.
traditional Omani kitchen---similar to European 12th century;)
Okay, so most traditional Omani houses didn't have a set place for cooking... And if they did, it was a space for stacking burning wood under a pot and some raised mud brick on either side of a flat metal round disc thingey, for making bread.
So... room to be creative yes?: Bright colours aren't usually an Omani trait, however, in Syrian, Egyptian, and Moroccan design they abound:
 Open shelving (definately Omani) and tiled backplashing in printed designs, very Arabesque:

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