Wednesday, March 11, 2015

HOUSE UPDATE: I talked them into Contemporary Arabic

While I had noticed that owner of the other twin villa said she loved modern and European architecture, that the examples of houses she liked in Oman were actually contemporary Arabic (yay me!!!), which means, she changed her mind with these sketches, into what our twin villa gets to look like in the facade. Which makes me soo sooo sooooooo happy, since, I wanted an Arabic interior and don't like to mix styles too much. Having an Arabic decor means I have already sourced the majority of materials  and future furnishings. I am so happy. This is good news after a string of bad news.
We are now trying to finalize what we want for the kitchen. Since I like cement, open cupboards, I am thinking of mixing something like the below (but only with the blue not orange colour option) with more Arabian style open cupboards:
Although maybe I will still change my mind and go for a medium dark wood... more classic (I like everything copper and am thinking to get different hardware for the cupboards from UK (shipping sucks). Who knows....

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