Tuesday, March 24, 2015

About Jackasses* and Racism [sorry for swearing---calling someone a donkey in Oman is actually illegal;)]

Please note, this is a nice Omani man, not the jackass who slapped the poor Indian gas station attendant, who is, not slapping anyone, merely buying a goat or something at auction;)
So yeah, the jackass at the gas station in barka who slapped the Indian attendant, he has a little background to his story, which y'all might find interesting to note.

And to the anonymous who commented who kindly reminded me that I myself have issues when it comes to slapping folks, that's true. Which is probably why it was for the best, that my [Omani] husband got out of the car to speak the man [Omani] who slapped the [Indian] petrol station attendant.
This is an Indian petrol attendant in a non-Gulf state country, who is tipped for doing his job, the way any waiter should be in a restaurant, etc.
My husband first asked the [Omani] man what the cause was for the assault [sometimes people have just cause you know---I truly believe that---however always better to be more mature and well-spoken about it instead of lash out right]. His reason was, as you already know, that the attendant forgot to close the thing-a-ma-bob that they open to put gas in there in the first place.

Whoa! Dude, in my country, I pump my own gas. It is considered a luxury (where you tip your attendant money for doing so) for filling your tank for you, and washing your windows while you sit nicely tucked with the ac on inside.

So my husband, also finding this to be insufficient reason to assault another human being, told the man he was being a jerk (in really nice Islamic words not what I'd say AT ALL) and asked him to apologize to the attendant.

Of course he didn't and basically swore more at the poor scared man. Which is where, I WOULD HAVE SLAPPED HIM and then we'd all be happily in court (in Barka--again---with a judge I probably know lol).
Then his (the jackass---let's leave Oman out of this) friend shows up and asks what's going on. My husband is amused to overhear that instead of using his friend's name (the friend being the guy who slapped the attendant) the friend simply calls him "black" in Arabic, being that the dude is rather dark for Omani compared my husband and the friend. In fact, he's ACTUALLY darker than the attendant whom he slapped.
I think black is beautiful y'all (please stop powdering your faces with too light of makeup dear beautiful black Omani women!). When I was a teen I wanted to have Brandy's nose, and Iman or Naomi Campbell's skintone. And height. Those women are AMAZINGLY beautiful. And who DOESN'T think Will Smith is adorable, and Denzel so charming? now come on.
However, in Oman, some people are pretty damn rascist, and no offense awesome self-loving black Omanis, but the most racist of all I ever encounter, are those who seem to hate on themselves.

They are usually the ones who treat the gas attendant (from India or Pakistan) like crap. Who refuse to marry (gorgeous) black Omani women and then complain no one wants to marry them because they're black.

I simply refuse to understand why people put upon by racist others, turn out, somehow even more cruelly racist themselves.


Anonymous said...

The hijabless girl in the middle is an American/Ethiopian.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Dear anon;) I was being lazy (she's the blogger, honourary Omani) but I know so many black dhofari girls who look like her (gorgeous) but I couldn't find a single pic online of them not all powdered white and painted in cake layers. And she;s an honourary Omani right;)

Douglas Black said...

I've been to Oman twice so far.
I'm American (black) and I think the women I have seen in Oman are EXTREMELY beautiful. Especially the sistas! They should be proud of their beauty, after all, the entire world is trying to be like them.

Anonymous said...

It's very sad that Arabs think that their a separate from Somali and Ethiopians when in fact their are. Ethiopia was a part of Yemen at one time and they shared the language called Ge'ez before Yemen changed to Arabic. Somali people are decendants of ancient egyptians. If u don't believe me, look up Ge'ez as the Sabean language. Ethiopians speak semitic language called Amharic. Somali speak a cushtic language and the their food is very close to gulf Arabs.