Sunday, February 8, 2015

HOUSE UPDATE: building now, and my neighbors appear to be insane

Okay, so we finalized our floor plan with the engineer, it was approved by the Muscat Minicipality and the Ministry for housing (although those two places need to work together---they have different rules for the same thing). We hired a contractor who thus far seems honest and hardworking. No one knows I am blogging about them. I am temped to tell the materials suppliers to get a discount lol, but builder, engineers, I certainly won't;). Our workers seem pretty good. The land was cleared.

Then since all is going well, too well for Oman;)--- apparently, our neighbors are insane.

Yes. Of course, I have to have crazy neighbors that all hate eachother.

They keep pulling out the land marks. Now, the workers have finally, finally walled in the property but man, isn't that crazy?

The neighbors keep approaching us, telling us bad stuff about another neighbor. They are, apparently, one family, but, when someone died, they fought over the split of farms and lands, and went to court, and seem to still disagree and resent eachother.

Fun, fun, fun.

Since I'm terrible with guests anyways, I am sure they'll all visit me only a few times, then stop. When you mix up the garam masala with the cardamon for the coffee, it works every time;).

Anyways, we've met a few designers (mainly to get pricing on bulk discounts, since there are more homes than my villa going up)---one for the kitchen and one for flooring and additional materials.

I want a fireplace. Yes, yes I do. A fireplace in Muscat that I will use only once a year most like, but I need one.

The kitchen designer seemed awesome. Was a listener and understood me. I mostly like to design for myself but like options.

I like things and spaces to have a history, to have age, yet be functional, and have something elegant, chic or awe-inspiring (even something small) about them. That's a challenge, since I know what I want and what I don't like, but I don't know what's available, so apologies must go out to everyone working with us who I am like, nope, no, not that, sort of but no, uh uh, not the same, ugly, uh that's not me, ect.....

I still wish the facade were Arabic because I'd already sourced the materals for that, and furnishings, and costed it... so this is a lot of work and I have no time lol.

Anyways, that's everything for now. I will try to upload the DIY post soon inshaAllah.

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