Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY Home Arabian/Khaleeji Chic: Moroccan Wedding Blanket, Mandoos Stud-Style Headboard, Khaleeji-Fabric Bukhoor Burner, and Tassels out of thread or yarn

OPNO has seen a lot of gorgeous and genius DIY projects recently. However, this blog is not uploading photos and OPNO hasn't the foggiest why. However, the links will be posted anyways, and the projects explained. Click on the links to see photos.

PROJECT #1: Mandoos Stud-Style Headboard for your bed [ ]

Nothing is worse in OPNO's designer opinion, than a blah bedroom with an ugly bed. Having always loved mandoos (those studded Arabian/Omani boxes sometimes called the zanzibar chest or captian's chest), we use them in Oman for all sorts of things: coffee table, dowry chest, bed bench, TV console... But a way to get the look yourself is to use nailhead metallic trim on a DIY yourself headboard for an exotic version of an undressed bed. Just google mandoos patterns, and follow the tutorial on the link above, using plain black painted wood, or faux brown leather instead of linen (which is shown in the link). Voila! Just add a canopy of mosquitoe net for that exotic feel. (OPNO has even done this in hot pink for her daughter but alas, the photos, the photos...).

PROJECT #2: Faux Moroccan Wedding Blanket

OPNO has always loved the look (but not the price) of Moroccan wedding blankets. Here is a link for the how-to [ ].

PROJECT #3: Khaleeji-Fabric Bukhoor Burner

OPNO has to apologize, this was her own DIY and the photos won't post, however, she took a bukhoor burner just like this one (which OPNO bought from Ramez in Seeb for half a rial) and then simply glue-gunned khaleeji fabric from Zuraiq Textiles in Al hail (can be found other places as well, on the squares to get this look:

PROJECT #4:  Yarn or Embroidery Thread Tassels to trim blankets or pillows

This is one DIY project OPNO also made (but used embroidery thread in black, burgundy, and red) to trim a throw pillow in a very bedouin design. However, this tutorial shows how to do the same, but using yarn to trim a throw blanket [ ].

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The Wild Dove said...

I just moved to Oman recently. Im so happy to discover this blog. I'm no fashion neither an interior designer but I always enjoy following those interests. Every blog you posted speaks of a lifestyle that I dream of someday. Its wonderful :)