Monday, January 12, 2015

DESIGN IDEAS: Omani BATHROOM (traditional or traditional contemporary Arabic/Khaleeji design) pt. 1

As mentioned on the previous post, not all rooms in the hotel have space for their bath, in a traditional-seperate-from-the-bedroom-bath sense. However, I am stocking up on inspirational photos nonetheless...since, inspiration IS required. Traditional Omani bathrooms?: non-existant. Traditional Khaleeji examples: very, very few. For a culture obsessed with perfume, cleanliness, teeth-brushing, and washing to the point of almost obsessiveness (my non-muslim father observed;) ---love you Dad) this may seem a little odd.
Traditionally, this area of Oman---where the hotel is situated---had a women's bathing area, and a men's bathing area (outdoor photo above), and same goes for the toilets;) (both outdoors). Bathing and washing was otherwise taken care of indoors with a bowl of water (often scented with rose water). The only typical Khaleeji design I COULD find for a bathroom was from Saudi, pictured above (Narjan). Other examples included Yemeni houses with European plumbing but nothing distinctly... Khaleeji, the way Iranian tiles, or Moroccan hammams are native to those countries. So thus, Greece and Morocco, and othe hotels in Oman helped inform this new style developing in Oman for a traditional "Omani" bathroom. (another major thing I'd like to incorporate in our hotel, is selling locally made products and helping the local business women out in this regard. I'd like all the soaps and shampoo and conditioners for the room ect... to be Omani, and to stock Omani perfumes for purchase, and Omani embroidered linens, Oman does have a rich handicrafts tradition with handwork usually reserved for dressmaking and hats ect... but bathrobes, sheets, blankets, and towels can be updated, for a traditional but utilitarian purpose for the modern traveller. I haven't seen this done very well by hotels in Oman yet.

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Some lovely bathrooms....and some scary ones too!