Monday, December 15, 2014

Work, Blog, Home: perhaps no time for blogger in the next little while

I have so much work to do I don't know why I am on blogger (or pinterest). However, I am currently re-organizing my work office so that I will be more efficient. Apologies to my friend (*who reads my blog and also works with me and is currently sharing the space***---I moved your desk to the other side but you still have net;) . Reorganization means I have come up with a hermes orange, white, brown, and black colour scheme. I have started with binders. And tea cups (I need constant caffiene or tea to write). However, the goal is to infuse a little bit of Oman into the space and still leave optional room for another person to share the space (who knows if my boss will find anyone to place my dear departing friend who will no longer have to deal with meetings lacking agenda but as detailed and precise as thesaurus definitions;) ). I want a carpet, new stationary organizer, to paint (definately after my work-mate departs Oman as the smell of paint would probably bother her whereas I love it), and a way to refinish the blinds and tack board so they aren't so drearilly instituional. A chic table lamp and some wall art wouldn't hurt either.

To blogger, for now, (at least the nest two weeks) I will bid adieu.
 Where I got my colour-scheme inspiration:

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