Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Goodbye, Girl

To all those who regularily read our blog, sorry for not posting. I just had a new baby and thus do not sleep---- like ever. Another OPNO is pretty much permanantly in Sohar with the worst internet ever, and lo and behold, we are losing one of what was probably our long-time readers' favourite OPNO girls:---- to London----of all places.

She decided to become a lawyer and is marrying a Brit.

I know:  :OOOOOOO.

Anyways, congratulations to her (we look forward to the wedding pics) and a long-ago promised post comparing life in London to life in Muscat. I also await her editing of my book (finally almost finished the story [highly dramatized and now a work of fiction completely] of our early days in Oman). I guess lawyers, are like, busy ;p.

This post will be reminiscent about those crazy days in Al Athaiba, wearing niqab, photographing Bedouin races [our flat conveniently located to the Oman Camel and Equestrian? Racing Federation building], and her love of hurricanes and helwa-making, and very bad choice in automobiles for those things.

When I think of her, I will think of Oman Air stewardesses bringing us fresh clotted cream from the U.K.; I will think of Ferraris and [scary] Russian accents; I will see a hundred pairs of black shoes and a row of ten of the same grey t-shirt from Zara hung neatly next to colourful floral shoulder-padded cotton Bedouin-worthy long-sleeved Omani dresses covered in crystals; I will smell Turkish coffee and hear her cell phone getting a message every minute; her bosses' dry-cleaning is hung on the door, and designer stationary covers her plastic garden furniture table, camofaluged as it is with fancy linens from Versace Home. Her bookcase has more books on its shelves than I have ever seen on any expat's bookcase in Oman. Her plug-in tacky insence burner is at odds with the designer perfumes lining the mirrored rim of her bathroom vanity.

Her hair is always done in a million different styles of a pony tale. Unlike me, she thinks before she speaks, and thus, everybody whose anybody in Oman trust her with their secrets. If they are good people, she guards their secrets. If they are horrible human beings trying to impress her, she secretly blogs about them on our online pages. I think, they have guessed now, who she is.

She is generous as an Arab, selfish only that she abandoned us to better herself, seek an education, and marry someone not Omani, and not Muslim.

"But!" she will exclaim reading this, "I married an Omani once. It just didn't last. Completely his fault."

 She carried a Qu'ran with her when she went, prayer beads [a large collection], a minaret topper, and several prayer mats [although she did intend to use them as dog mats---no offense ever intended] when she left via Muscat International Airport.

Of all things that she was, besides friend to few but dear to them blessed with her sincere aquaintence;), she was not your average expat, nor ever indeed, a tourist. She was a traveller, who meant to make home here. But she carries what she learned from Muscat and Oman and the best and worst of Omanis with her. I know her personality, and her outlook on life, are forever changed by the imprint of this place and its people.

Just as I am forever changed, from the imprint of her, brief as it was.


Anonymous said...

From one Unwise choice to another... that's the time we live in with regard to the story you wrote about. Times are changing quick and challenges lay ahead.

Other than that, a big well done on the baby. Definitely worth the struggle :) ...May God always be with you

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

The story? Its changed a lot from the initial drafts on this blog ;). I wonder what you know about it Anon?: and who you are;). No worries. The girls in the story are not us, not anymore, and in writing, not ever. It is hard though, not to put pieces of one's self in characters however. I'd like to think I split us all into pieces and put us in all of them plus made up parts that had nothing to do with us and spread that over everything as well;). I'd like, to think at least, I have some imagination.

Only S stayed the same in the story. I'll be mad at her forever for cheating us---and---lying about it----and being two-faced---and then asking for help from us lol----so she had to be immortalized as a fictional mean character;XD

If you want to be invited to read the first and second to last chapter before I release it, and I do actually KNOW who you are, you can:). You have my email if you know me. Even if our last words together were angry. I am not mad at any of my inspirational characters except for S (and I don't mean my character Sheikha if dramatic ppl want to try to cause trouble over it).

Sheikha is an awesome character I love and like. She's not really one of us, although she wa sinspired by a couple of the MQ girls. S is a character I find amusing but really just don't like.

Anyways, don't worry. I don't write stuff about my friends (or people I hate) that I wouldn't want written about myself or at least feel deserving of it being written about.I may be more of an open book than others, but I stick by that. We all make mistakes. What is important is what we learn from those mistakes and who we become from them.

Anyways, thank you, whoever you are;). May God/Allah also be with you and guide our decisions:), ameen

Hebah Dwidari said...

interesting. blog post.

Oman Coast said...

Best wishes and congratulations on on the birth of your new baby.