Wednesday, December 31, 2014

DESIGN IDEAS: Omani Bedroom (traditional or traditional contemporary) pt. 1

Now I was tragically disapointed when it turned out the Muscat villa we are building, as a compromise (its a twin villa) had to be European in flavour ----or, otherwise, ugh, modern---yuck (soooooooooo not me). So I am really happy with the fact that I might get to start designing hotel rooms in a local hotel in a very traditional style. The style should reflect the traditional architecture (palm frond roof, mud brick, sarooj plaster ect), and also, the fact that in the local area, few pieces of furniture were traditionally used. Mats and carpets and cushions on the floor for bedding, pegs in the wall to hang clothes, ect... but still, the room has to be completely functional from a traveller's perspective---with a dash of luxury. The only type of bed type furniture really traditional in Oman are these beds, pictured below {mosquitoe neeting is a must for the hotel in question}:
...But they are a tad bit large for most of the rooms, and more from Muscat region or Zanzibar ect... common in Portuguese built forts, ect... So I thought I'd take a little inspiration from Greece and Morocco in how to obtain a little functionality combined with Omani simplicity:
Since some of the rooms are small but I insist that everyone should have a private bath, this deisgn below might work:
Anyways, palm frond side tables, and mandoos (studded boxes) also must be incorporated, along with Omani pottery and textiles. Lighting was always kerosene lamps, so I'll think of way to go on that... And colour can be incorporated, as many houses in smaller villages such as Jebel Ackdar, were painted, although the hotel's owner probably prefers natural neutrals. We'll see. I'd like each room to be unique.
 I love the grand idea of mosquitoe net draping and a canopy as shown below, but Moroccan arches are far too grand for us;):
And some of the rooms (like above) have wall feature that were meant for placing lanterns or books ect... which can be used as a design feature such as a headboard (less elaborate of course, than most Moroccan grand hotels). I like the Arabesque arrangement (below) of simple white cotton pillows:
Anyways... sharing my design ideas for now. Better get back to present projects. Totally not on the interior design phase of the hotel yet... Ugh. Paperwork. Permissions. Construction and contractors...


Anonymous said...

No offense, but if you were to be an interior designer for one of my upcoming business initiatives, I would so not like it if you were sharing ideas for the portfolio!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful beds are sure to inspire a blissful rest and repose! Love them

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Anon: None taken:). Since these are just ideas anyone could take from anywhere on the net, I don't feel I am giving away my own work or compromising my project. And, most importantly, I am a partial owner (very minor ;) in the project so I don't mind at all--being I am my own employee;). But I understand your thoughts. If you employee me ever;) I will leave publicity 100% up to you, but for my project I am a firm believer that what we are puting out, no one else can just steal.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

2nd anon: Very calm right? I tend to overdo things in my own home (I love collecting stuff) but this is a chance so to do something clean and simple.

Pop Champagne said...

I love the simplicity of some of these rooms and the arches! thanks for sharing and hope you had a great start of 2015!