Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!---sweater weather in Muscat---at least for OPNO

You know, most clothing in Oman is overpriced. It is the American price [ex. 10.00 USD---equivelent to like, 4 rial something?] changed to rials. 10.000 OMR is a lot compared to 10 USD flat. But there is one thing to be thankful for.... winter clothing is ALWAYS on sale in Muscat.

Back in Canada, there was never a sweater or coat or capelet left in my size this time of year... but in Muscat I have my pick. And on sale. Which is... awesome.
Yes, I am wearing a sweater in December in Muscat. I am freezing. With the ACs and all, I need it.
The sarcastic, are you really Canadian, I encounter from Omanis, and amused glances from expats, can be brushed aside as I and another fellow Canadian---who has for almost as long as myself, been situated here in the MiddleEast---debate whether fingerless gloves are superior to a piping hot mug for increased typing skills, now that Oman's winter has set in. I suppose, if one is not quite as aclimatized as us too, there's always ski dubai, and funzone skating in Qurum, and vacations elsewhere (Switzerland seems quite popular with Omanis this year) to take advantage of winter sweater sales in Oman.

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