Thursday, October 16, 2014

HOUSE UPDATE: a change in plans

So the floorplans are finalized. Laying the foundation will start soon inshaAllah, as soon as we decide on a contractor---scary that. What we haven't decided on exactly is the facade (architecturally speaking, all Omani-Omanis involved prefer European which, let's face it, I am good with, and I am the only one who wants something influenced by Oman) so here's couple quick sketches and ideas for my townhouse/villa that were approved by the Omani owner purchasing the twin villa we are building next door. I grew up with a love of English architecture (Tudor revival, Victorian [that has to be pretty grand however, Georgian],  French stone work, ect..., and the Omani buyer loves Paris, and French country. So the compromise is looking like this (all lovers of Arabic and Omani architecture, I know, that's soooooooooo sad:( but inshaAllah depending on laws from the Ministry of Tourism, I may get to run the design on a hotel project so that will definately satisfy in regards to Omani interior design. Funny thing is, I always felt I WOULD end up in a Georgian-style townhouse, just in another country lol, so we'll see. Plans always change in Muscat. No Omani woman I know ever keeps a plan. So now, the mix of French and Georgian is making me think Charleston, USA... but so on we go. The front foor and shutters and stone are pretty much sourced, and lanterns, so only windows in our chosen style have yet to be priced if we do go for this type of facade.


Umm Talha said...

MashaAllah, it is really interesting to see the developments coming along.

May Allah make it easy.

flanwap said...

good plan i like it

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!
Do you know AutoCAD? You can make the plans with this computer program. I recommend learning how to use it. That is what the architects use.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Umm Talha: ameen to that:)

flanwrap: thanks

Anonymous: Yes, I do, and I know how to use it (from like, 2004 not the new one) but it is soooooooooo expensive. And my laptop died and I am too cheap to get a good computer:)