Saturday, August 16, 2014

SHOPPING: Boutique Muscat

I finally had a chance to drop by Boutique Muscat in Jawahrat Al Shatti Mall yesturday. Sadly, before leaving the house for our breakfast at D'Arcy's and swing by the BM locale, I broke my phone.
10:00-11:00 am brunch at D'Arcy's---highly recommended
Boutique Muscat opens 10:00am-9:00 pm on Saturday (closed friday) so if weekend boutique browsing is your thing, this makes the perfect quiet morning (followed by vanilla milkshakes at D'Arcy's if you didn't spend everything you have at BM;) )
I know. Again. That's why I buy cheap phones y'all. So... instead of just hopping into the shop I visited the cellphone repair shop upstairs as well which was.... depressing. Screen was smashed so all these photos are from Boutique Muscat's instgram page. However... good news is, now that the phone is toast, I finally found a cover for it... Yeah. Like I said, depressing.
I really, really wanted to go, because I heard they stocked Sadz design purses, but while I didn't see any of those lovelies, I did crush on a hand embroidered cushion (with a hot pink Arabic coffee pot my two year old daughter would love to see in her room) and some t-shirts by fyunka and tshirtswag, along with a crescent moon necklace and Arabic calligraphy butterfly ring...

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