Saturday, August 9, 2014


One thing that I need right after sunset is coffee (Omani coffee to be specific). One problem of life in Muscat for me is, we often go out after Magraib prayer and it is hard to find Omani coffee (so usually I settle for espresso which is a might too dark for my evenings). However, at Muscat Grand Mall I recently tried the little Khaleeji-esqe "Dallah" and got my 'qahwa' fix, along with a few casual cuppas of Kuwaiti tea for those less caffiene-addicted than myself. Right after Magraib it was the perfect place to sit, though any time later than that it seemed to be too busy for the conversations I like to have wildly over qahwa. Prices are a bit steep for qahwa (which almost any Omani household should offer one for free;) )but the decor made me not care about that in the least.
What drew me to Dallah at the first was the gorgeously traditional counter (studded wood like a Mandoos box, and palm frond weave). I made a mental note to myself, if designing a hotel reception desk for a historical restoration project... this could work.
 My husband also had the 'kunafa' but he didn't enjoy it... too crumbly he said. I wouldn't know. I am not a fan of Arabic sweets myself beyond Frankincense icecream ;). However, the Kuwaiti tea and Omani qahwa hit the spot. We haven't tried much else yet, and I admit to be easily satisfied when it comes to drinkable coffee so...
 Have you tried other desserts/items off the menu at Dallah? What did you think?

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