Monday, August 4, 2014

Omani Designer Handbags: Sadz Designs and Jizdaani

While looking to put together another "Stylish Sisters" post I stumbled upon Sadz Designs handbags, by Omani designer Sara Al Zadjali. I am really feeling the classic design of the abeey purse, and can't decide which one I love more, it in black leather with grey python flap, or black leather with red water snake flap. Each purse is beautifully crafted, so it might be worth me making an inquiry into pricing...
 For inquiries,
Another Omani label, that I've known about for a long time, but still haven't purchased from (the designer kindly informed one of us OPNO girls at Muscat fashion week about her material sourcing and construction) is Jizdaani. But I may have to now that I have seen the geourgeous 'Yara' clutch.
Jizdaani incorporates Omani silver into the designs, and the clutches from the latest collection, such as "Soha" and "Mandoos" had me at first sight. I love a good clutch. I hardly ever use them, but I love them.... Sigh.
'Yara" below, in python:
'Shatha' I believe:
Other faves?:  above 'Wafa' purse, photographed at Muscat Fashion week...

The collection can be seen via the website:
and inquiries can be made through emailing:


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Dave Thompson said...

In my opinion my wife has to many handbags. She wants another one for her birthday next month, so I want to get her one she doesn't already have. These handbags are so unique there is no way she has one just like it. Thank you for the post.

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Katie from Austria said...

Hello! I would love to purchase one of these bags but if I google the names, I cannot find anything! I am located in Europe. Do you maybe have any tips on how to buy these bags? :) (online shop, shipping, prices)
Thank you,

رسل said...

hello . kartie you can follow her at sadz design in instegram

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