Tuesday, August 12, 2014

KHALEEJI DESIGNER ABAYAS: Haal Inc. Winter 2014 Collection

Everyone who knows me knows I love the casually chic abayas by Haal Inc. . They are just... so cool. I believe this stems from wearability. And comfort. I mean, most abayaat are so darn dressy that they remind me of couture gowns. Which is well and all, who doesn't love evening wear and glamour 24/7, right? But I mean, what am I going to wear to the store or to the beach? I feel stupid parading around like a fashion show at the mall (I know most Khaleeji women don't but it simply isn't my culture to be all done up for the mall). Haal Inc. provides an answer for that. Their abayas are the jeans+a t-shirt for the abaya-wearing crowd. 'Nuff said.

Here is the latest collection from the Saudi label:
For More Information:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/haalinc
Tumblr: haalinc.tumblr.com

Pintrest: www.pintrest.com/haalinc
YouTube: www.youtube.com/haalinc
Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/haalinc

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