Wednesday, August 13, 2014

KHALEEJI DESIGNER ABAYAS: Arabesque Sheila & Abayas Spring 2014 Collection

The first two abayas pictured {above and directly below} are my favourites from the Arabesque website of the Spring 2014 collection. Very classic, and very modern...Peices that could never fail to work their way into one's wardrobe and endure there ever so long the laundry or drycleaner allows (my one Arabesque peice endured a tragic fate at the hands of an evil drycleaner).

However, I have been noticing the coloured-panel trend taking over everywhere in linen and suiting fabrics. And as slow as this trend has been mounting, I have even spotted coloured abayas here in Oman, in demure shades like grey, navy blue, and brown. Of course, in an Arabesque abaya, the highest quality linen alone will be used (you would expect nothing less from a designer who previously interned at Chanel) so that one needn't worry about looking worn out and weary (and worst of all-rumpled and maternal---like some poly jilbab-wearing Auntie) while braving this trend through an Arabesque purchase.

I should visit the store now that my passport issues have finally been resolved... As I've always wished to interview this particular label's designer about her work:

As always, the shoot has been wonderfully styled (though I personally would like to see a new face for the campaign model perhaps) and I know, the accessories have been carefully selected by the woman behind the brand--- Judith Duriez . I find that unique in Khaleeji design, as usually, everything is a replica of a replica or something so in your face that it lacks true elegance. It can be stylish, beautiful, exquisite, cute, wild, or cool, sure, but elegance is far more rare. There is a certain je ne sais quois about the styling in Arabesque Sheila & Abaya campaigns...that make the label enduring and edgy at the same time, and of course, inspiring, despite the more conservative route of cuts and embellishments.
Arabesque - Sheilas and Abayas with a French Touch ----check out their website.

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