Wednesday, August 13, 2014

KHALEEJI DESIGNER ABAYAS: Arabesque Sheilas & Abayas Fall 2013 Collection (better late than never)

I really don't know what happened, but I personally disliked the leather the way it was done on Arabesque's Fall/Winter 2012-13? collection so I couldn't bear to post about it, and somehow, I accidently stopped following the brand's pages despite having been a loyal fan for years... However, I did remain hopeful for the next season (which I missed).

It (2013) didn't disapoint and, beter late than never, I'd wear the almost honey-comb embroidered number above forever. Exception of the leather collection, there is something just so classic about this label, that makes something from 2005, seem as wearable as something from 2014. That is saying something, when usually, I change my taste in abaya cut and design on a quarterly basis.
Arabesque - Sheilas and Abayas with a French Touch ----check out their website.

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