Wednesday, July 2, 2014

While searching for a farm house to rent over the weekend I stumbled upon this lovely villa for rent by Isobel... and I didn't save the link but I found it on homeaway. I will post the photos simply because it reminds me of expat living in Ras Al Hamra in the 90s;). Beautiful tones of the Gulf water, with pink bougainvilla, and the rocky Omani hills jutting into the coastline....

Of course, Bandar Al Jissah IS more posh.... and PDO housing totally only had a view from the bedrooms of our British neighbors fixing their ancient old jeep but.... ;).

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Manjulika pramod said...

Great pics... nature at its best.

Recently I wrote for Oman tourism on my blogpost and since then Oman has been on my wishlist.

Would love to hear your comments on my post on Oman since you have been living there.