Monday, July 7, 2014

STYLISH SISTERS: Latifa Al Shamsi, original abaya-clad Khaleeji fashion blogger, and founder of Queen L Designs

I first stumbled onto Latifa Al Shamsi's blog latifalshamsi over two years ago, pretty much from this date. She is an Emirati fashion blogger who really began the trend of photgraphing the outfit-of-the-day posts while wearing abaya and not showing her face. Her collection of beautiful designer abayas, and penchant for Kelly and Birkin Hermes bags, Louboutin shoes, along with Van Cleef and Arpels rings and bracelets makes her blog unique, because the majority of women in the world, abaya-clad or not, cannot afford to dress that way.
Seeing high fashion paired with the abaya was really interesting and eye-opening to the non-Muslim online fashion set, and is pure fantasy/indulgence in eye-candy for yours truly. However, Latifa's personality is super-sweet and down to earth, and although she's probably one of the most heavily branded women on the planet, she absolutely comes across and individual and caring. Beyond her interests in fashion and food, charities and Ramadan activities are always on her radar, along with photos of street scenes in Europe.
My favourite section of her blog however, are always her family Eid fashion photos. Her individuality lead her to found her own label "Queen L" designs, and her blog is a pretty good guide to where to shop, and eat in Dubai. While I haven't had the chance to personally meet Latifa yet, I hope to one day, just to be able to say that I have met the original English-blog Khaleeji OOTD innovator. If Latifa ever reads my blog, if she is ever in Muscat, I totally invite her out for my guide to shopping in Muscat, and coffee and macaroons;) so we can go over our mutually-shared Dior Lady Bag obsession.
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Addicted said...

This is one of the best articles written about me. Thank you!

-Latifa Al Shamsi