Sunday, July 20, 2014

Restaurants in Oman: Grand Fish Market in Seeb/Al Mawaleh near City Center Mall, for Iftar 2014

I don't eat fish... or seafood, ever. But this restaurant is beloved by my Omani husband and my Canadian father for its relatively low priced seafood, and quiet but efficient and friendly service. Also, the giant fish tanks (absuredly clean) with turtles and shiny scaled fishies situated right next to the tables make a welcome distraction for the two-year old so we can sit down and enjoy the food.

An average meal here for two people costs 15.000 OMR. The iftar buffest for two plus the two year old was 16 omr... and the buffet included different kinds of fish, three different soups (husband and two-year old love the shrimp soup), plus rice and vegetables and usual iftar snacks like samboosa, fatoush salad, tabouli salad, homous dip ect... My husband thought it well worth it. He likes spices however, and I'm told the spices on everything but the cod tend to be very Omani in flavour. I cannot comment, as I tried absolutely nothing, but the salads were good (not mind boggling but good). The menu also has chicken tikka when it is not Ramadan, so that's what I normally would order. It tastes fine to me. With tikka I am not picky. I find it pretty much the same everywhere so long as it isn't overly greasy ect.... and it tastes like good chicken tikka here. Anyways....

I find the decor odd but pleasant (too many styles for my taste) but as I said, the fish tanks when one has kids, totally make up for it. Omani Cuisine also did a review (a fish-eater) which is probably better than mine here (the photo I have used belongs to that blog---I only have photos of the fish tanks taken by a two year old so....). You'll find directions on his site. If I gave you directions you'd probably get lost.

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