Sunday, July 20, 2014

Restaurants in Oman: Al Makan Cafe for Iftar Tent, 2014

Al Makan Cafe right next to City Center Seeb mall, always pitches a nice looking iftar tent for Ramadan. I went this year with my husband and two year old daughter for iftar.

There was a large assortment of spreads in the buffet, but all in all, the food was as good as the food at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital cafeteria at lunch time. I am serrious. And I have had good buffets from Al Makan before (they catered for one former friend's wedding and it was pretty decent then). However, I really didn't enjoy anything much this time, although I could eat my fill.

The price for two adults was 18 OMR. Which is really too steep for general low-quality buffet food. Also, apparently the price is lower for the actual iftar, but they charge an entrance fee to the tent (which they didn't do last year) which made it so high. The entrance fee should include chocolates which are only served later in the evening.

Iftar starts around 6:50 and the chocolates are given out at 8:30 or something like that. So one has to stay long time to make that entrance fee worth whatever its cost (if it is worth it I don't know, we didn't stick around).

Part of Ramadan is, that Muslims have to pray, so if the dining experience should be all evening, prayer facilities simply have to be better...

As it was, we left, to go pray and have the rest of our evening somewhere else well before 8:00 pm. In the end, we splurged for coffee and milkshakes at Fauchon at the Opera Galleria (with complimentary chocolates for the two year old) and ran around the Opera House grounds playing with a bouncy ball with the two year old. I doubt she would have maintained her good behaviour up until 9:00 at Al Makan, despite the pretty lights and lanterns there...

So that's definately the last time I go to Al Makan for iftar unless they change the food to be better, or the prices to be lower.

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