Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Omani Folktales: translated by a (self-proclaimed) ex-mutawaa living in Muscat

I have a friend who has been translating Omani and Emirati traditional folktales and posting them on her blog. I really enjoy reading them (even though the sexist ones really do get me going;) ) and thought my readers might as well so here is a link to her blog:

Stories translated so far:

The Tree That Grew From Her Bones (An Omani Version of Snow White)
Moza & Zuwaiyna (An Omani version of Cinderella)
Toboqa is Right for Shin & The Smart Youth & the Even Smarter Girl (my fave so far)
A Woman's Wisdom (about some controlling loser and his castle)

She should totally blog also about the fun time we had convincing the librarian that we had indeed returned the books she is translating. Especially since they are in Arabic (which I have totally stopped being literate in due to sheer laziness) and I could not even tell the woman the titles lol. Anyways... Her blog is way better written than mine when fasting so check her out;) for something new in the Omani blogosphere.


Suburban said...

What a great link! I spent half the night reading through her archives. She writes like angels sing, no exaggeration... I would cut off my left arm to be able to write like that.

Zaynab said...

Thank you very much Suburban, that's incredibly kind! I really enjoy your blog, it's always humourous and insightful.