Monday, July 7, 2014

My Ramadan Beauty Regime

Okay, so I am not a 'beauty person'. I can barely part my own hair, never pay to go to spas or salons or get my makeup professionally done, and I am certainly not one of those idiots who think of fasting Ramadan as a kind of diet. Because it is not. But I do find during Ramadan, I tend to eat healthier, and also, I am pretty tired, so I give up on make-up. So, in a way, it is a time to take advantage of that, a detox per say.
 First thing I do is recharge via drinking ALOT of water after magraib. But not only water. I like to raspberry or strawberry yogurt smoothies to recharge, both for suhoor and iftar. Full of anitoxidents (so the beauty people say) I find these concotions keep me less thirsty through-out the day, and help improve my skin in general, which has a tendency to look tired from the time we are supposed to stay up for praying at night, and for getting up in the morning to make sure my family prays and has suhoor, ect.... Frozen berries and plain yogurt from Carrfour.
 I like raspberries. They remind me of summer and home, and in Oman they are dreadfully over-priced. However, I saw this mud mask facial at H&M for 1.5 rial and bought it while I was bored waiting in the line. I loved it. It smelt wonderful, made my skin all dewey, pores clean.... And I smellt good for hours. Of course I scared the heck out of my husband and two-year old daughter while I left it one for 15 minutes, but hey, husband was fasting so being ugly, meh, and daughter thought it was cool after approximately five minutes. Only thing is I had to apply a little moisturizer after, but other than that, it was perfect on my skin type.
I brush my teeth while fasting. Unless one purposefully swallow toothpaste (loser) out of sheer hunger than it doens't break one's fast. I discovered that I love for this brand, that my daughter actually through into the cart when we were shopping (we didn't notice until it was already on the bill at the check out. Awesome toothpaste though, very mild, work greats, and the kid actually can tolerate using it, unlike Crest or Colgate. I got this one at Lulu I think.
 Now, I am one of those who believe prayer doens't count if one doesn't make wudu and that nailpolish voids wudu. However, this was a little treat I bought myself (12 OMR) after successfully managing a day's fast. If I go out somehwere fancy for iftar with my husband I put it on. Yes, yes, I know, I have to take it off to pray after, but that's my kind of high maitenance. I do have the patience even to chip of my polish in the wudu area of prayer halls should my kid throw my protable nailpolish rmeover pads out the window of the car on the highway. I love nailpolish THAT much. My husband likes the modest colour of "Yacht" the shade I got, since he is Omani, and a total weirdo when it comes to other people notcing anything different about me. God forbid hot pink or raspberry nailpolish is noticed by our waiter, like oh no, the man will fantasize about my nails for the rest of the evening.... I highly doubt it. Moving on....
Another treat was some blush, since, well, people ask me if I am sick if I don't wear make-up since I am the palest fish ever,  and I am lazy in the morning. Without blusher I require eye-shadoe and lipstick. This colour, "553 cocktail peach" is the same shade as my natural colouring, so it works well for me without anything else.

Both Dior products were purchased from Areej.

The only other beauty thing I might so is, instead of using mascara, dip and old, cleaned mascara wand that I have saved, and use it in castor oil. Usually I am far too lazy for that.

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