Monday, July 7, 2014

My last weekend, in photos: renting a farm in Oman for privacy

I spent this last weekend relaxing in cool shade and privacy, wearing sparkling caftans, and not having to wear a headscarf at anytime of day except for prayer times. I swam in the morning, and I swam at night. My daughter and I swung on swings, and picked dates and flowers. In short, we rented a farm, which totally made my Ramadan a really special experience, since the days before this last weekend were so hectic. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope they make you feel as relaxed as the actual experience enamoured me to feel.
kid's swimming pool, which made me feel safe as a parent
Luban/frankinsence tree
My daughter's farm style: she dressed herself
There actually are more photos but I will add them when I get the information for contacting this particular farm's owner. The reservation was not made through myself, although the cost was 120 OMR to rent from 8pm until the following day.

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Glitter and Bukhoor said...

Looks wonderful Mashallah :)