Monday, June 30, 2014

STYLISH SISTERS: Lubna Al Zakwani, designer of Omani Fashion label, Endemage

I remember spying Lubna on the first night of Muscat Fashion Week seated in the VIP section, in a black dress with simple white buttons on each sleeve, and a slash of white fabric falling from the waist to the floor. I thought to myself, "that is elegant". I was bored of the row of girls before me with the bottoms of their Louboutins stuck up in an un-lady-like manner to show off the red soles. Little did I know then, that Lubna was the designer behind Omani fashion label, 'Endemage', a brand that I first heard about via the publicity of fashion week there in Riyam park. However late I was in hearing of it, her label had been around for a long time, and was a favourite already with the Dubai ladies club set in UAE.
I got a chance to speak to Lubna's sister Nadia at the Opera Galleria, where I fell in love with the embroidery of the label, and Arabic cut-outs. Where Lubna is elegant, Nadia's style is free and fun, and I love that the two sisters manage to wear the same clothes so differently and still be totally, irreverently, smashing. Super sweet, Nadia took the time to tell me about their brand, fabric sourcing, and garment construction, and while I was shy to say how great she and Lubna looked at fashion week, she was soooooooooo nice to me considering I was dressed like a hobo housewife that day;) like, I totally wasn't going to buy anything then... lol. When she told me that both girls read my blog I was beyond flattered. {P.S. if you ladies still read it, let me know next time there is something going on with Endemage in Muscat, I swear I'll shop and not dress in a torn house dress this time;p}.
Anyways, I wasn't at all surprised when Harper's Bazzaar listed Lubna as one of Arabia's best dressed. The way the girl can take a pair of baby pink sunglasses, and pair it with a turquoise, Arabesque-laser cut abaya and make it wearable, elegant, and not at al kitsch, is beyond me. I also love her use of colour, since in Oman, we don't really have to restrain ourselves to purely black abayas unless we want to stick to family culture/traditions, since many forms of Omani traditional dress were indeed, very colourful. If you are at all interested in following Lubna and Nadia's style, they are on instagram
 The first time I saw Lubna, at Riyam Park during Muscat Fashion Week:


The Duncan Adventures said...

Wow!!! I love the way these girls dress and present themselves they are so beautiful! I have gone and followed them on Instagram now, thanks!

Lubna Al Zakwani said...

Thank you do much for the lovely post please email us your contact details and we will definitely put you on our mailing list xxx Lubna

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful Lubna. You'll be a star one day.

Sulaiman Al-Zakwani said...

Masha-allah very elegant styles. Wish the girls all the best