Friday, May 2, 2014

Someone once told me this advice: "Living is not a state of being." Those words had so much more meaning for me than just your average proverb. I never knew where I was going when I first quit my job and bought that plane ticket. But I always knew I belonged somewhere else. I never expected Oman, it wasn't somewhere new for me, and it is a little far from all the things I love or am accustomed to, but it is here I find myself, over and over again, and anew. Still, I can't forget those words, for they were the last that person ever said to me, and will ever be able to speak to me. I will try to remember them, as I get busy, or responsibilities beckon. What we are meant to do, our ultimate destinies, are the result of what we made time for, what we believed ourselves capable of, and the standard we held ourselves to. Since I hold rather high ideals, I guess I should start this weekend by working on myself a bit;).

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