Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OOTD+under my abaya: lime green caftan

I love lime green. I wear it when I feel sick or tired and have no energy. Who cares if it washes me out further?---I can always pair it with hot pink or coral lipstick and I love the 'zest' of the colour. I actually prepared this post yesturday (in case anyone from work is wondering) but didn't get around to posting it. Right now I am drinking Omani dried lime tea, wishing I had the energy to take photos for an OOTD post, and I am sitting next to a huge pile of tissue (ewww gross---I know). However, even looking at things coloured lime green makes me feel healthier, so here's to that. {Shoes above, black scalloped mesh ballet flats from Charles & Keith, via City Center Mall, Seeb}.
As you probably know, if you are a regular reader of this blog, I am expecting, so my baby bump is showing these days and making fitting well (and elegantly) a lot of clothes difficult. I look like a monster in Omani traditional dress ha ha. Anyways, caftans are always excellent choice, and since I live in Arab culture, easy to pull off. This is a house dress, meaning if I wore it out of the house it would be under a black abaya, and if men were around I would cover with a head scarf from my neck to under my breasts ect... to meet the Islamic requirements of my beliefs, so here I am just showing the dress, and how I would wear it at home with my family or girlfriends. The dress isn't super good quality: it is simply layers of lime green poly-chiffon with black stretch lace inserts but I loved it anyway, and use a belt from an abaya from Hanayen with it, since the original elastic waist is too low for the baby bump. The belt makes it empire-waist almost, which suits my new preggo figure and makes it shorter so I can wear it with ballet flats instead of heels. Unbelted and with a headscarf I do think it meets Islamic requirements but the colour is pretty bold---too bold for where I live in Oman for sure;). The caftan is from Seeb Mall in Seeb Souq, and also comes in a sunny bright yellow, and cost 16 OMR after bartering. It should have been less but I loved it so I paid without complaint.


Shosho al-haremi said...

stunning mashallah! love the color !

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Shosho: Thanks you dear, I love lime green;)

Marysia said...

Truly an amazing colour!