Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Not your regular eye-candy post.....:I have been lucky I suppose {alhamdulilah} to have been born relatively free. Free to love where I choose, free to move where I choose, free to believe as I choose, be it displeasing as it may to some, and an object of some oppression, the choice was always mine. This post is directed at one particular person, to remind them, what our duty is, that our happiness, that our freedom, that our luck, our fortune, does not necessarily give us the right to ease. In Oman, as it is elsewhere in this world, there is oppression. There is errors in culture, tribalism, racism, there is injustice, there is corruption, and of these things we were told to change them with our hand if we can, and if we can't, with our tongues. I think people use that as an excuse that tongues are enough, but I have hands, so why should I not use them?
And for the oppressors, whether they be husbands, brothers, father's, Sheikhs, corrupt government, unfair legislation, or other women--- and to those who are in captivity or lack the choices I had with ease--- I beg you remember this:

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